Linnen Lab Facilities:




Greenhouse full of pine seedlings


Growth rooms for maintaining sawfly colonies

Grad student office area

Lab: molecular work area

Lab: gel area

Lab: equiment bench

Lab: computational bench

Lab: dirty work area

Katie with a defoliated red pine (Suring, WI)

Kim processing samples (Grayling, MI)

Robin collecting beach sawflies (Upper Peninsula, MI)

Kim collecting beach sawflies (Upper Peninsula, MI)

Melanie collecting foliage 

(London, KY)

Rachael with a beating sheet (Lexington, KY)

Rachael looking for something to beat

Robin overcoming her fear of heights to collect sawflies

Melanie lugging an orchard ladder at the UK Arboretum

Mackenzie installing a feeding platform at UK North Farm

N. lecontei early instar larvae on pitch pine (UK Arboretum)

N. lecontei larvae on Virginia pine (UK Arboretum)

Female N. lecontei on shortleaf pine (UK Arboretum)

Curious onlookers (Lebanon, TN)

Summer Party 2014


Summer Party 2014

(Stephanie and Alana)

Holiday Lunch 2013

(Mary and Taylor's last day)

N. lecontei egg clusters on Virginia pine (UK Arboretum)

Holiday Lunch 2013

(John hoarding watermelon)

Holiday Lunch 2013

(Adam scores a shirt and potato)

Holiday Lunch 2013 (Katie gets two copies of Space Jam)

Holiday Lunch 2013

(Taylor gets a butt bank)

Summer Party 2013

Summer Party 2013

(Adam, Paul, and Kim)

Summer Party 2013

(Robin, James, and Ezri)

Summer Party 2013

(Kim and Peter)

Summer Party 2013

(Emily and Aubrey)

Summer Party 2013


Mackenzie's REU talk

Katie's poster at Evolution (Raleigh, NC, 2014)

Taylor's poster at NCUR (Lexington, KY, 2014)

Mary's poster at Evolution (Snowbird, UT, 2013)

A squirrel eating peanut butter (Lexington, KY, 2014)